Welcome to HYHOnline.com.  My name is Yvonne Pierre and I'm the founder of this website.  Allow me to briefly introduce what HYH Online is while the site is being updated.  

I’m a proud mom of two sons, ages 18 and 9.  Prior to having my youngest son, my passion was to produce works (film and books) that inspire and move individuals to triumph over their obstacles and life a purpose filled life.  My youngest son was born Jan. 31, 2002 and was diagnosed with Down syndrome after birth.  During this time, I had no idea what Down syndrome was and most of the information that was given was negative.  When my son was about to transition into the public school pre-k program, I began to research online to see what other parents experiences were with public schools.  I joined several online support groups and was blown away by the lack of hope many of the parents had for their children.  I began to seek inspirational stories, success stories, and stories of hope.  I came across some amazing stories that I felt needed to be read by parents who were losing hope and struggling to cope. 

I developed a second passion, which is to inspire individuals within the special needs community and abroad through these untold, yet powerful stories.  November 2004, I launched a website called, “Have Ya Heard? The Ability of Downs,” to showcase the achievements of individuals with Down syndrome on hyhonline.com.  Mid 2005, I dropped the name to simply HYH Online and launched an online community for parents of individuals with special needs.  In 2010, the HYH Rise Awards was launched and now is the primary focus of HYH.  The purpose of the awards is to provide a platform for and show appreciation of efforts of advocates, self-advocates, parents, nonprofits and more who are making a difference in the special needs community. 

Presently both sites, hyhonline.com and awards.hyhonline.com are being updated.  Please visit us on Facebook to stay updated on the launch of the new websites, contests, giveaways and more.  Thank you for your patience and continued support.  If you'd like to reach me immediately please feel free to send me an email at admin @ hyhonline.com



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