DIY SEO Tips for Business Owners

Whether you’ve launched a commercial or a personal website, optimization is imperative for reaching the largest possible audience. Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to a range of techniques that improve the positioning of a website on the search engine results page for keywords of preference. A number of these techniques can be executed without the involvement of professionals in the field.

Wondering how to do optimization on your own? Here are some of the most important steps to undertake in an attempt to attract a larger target audience.

Write Quality, Niche Content
Content creation has become the biggest SEO staple. Over the past few years, Google introduced a couple of algorithm changes. The aim of these changes was to reduce the risk of “cheating” – the use of blackhat techniques that push forward low-quality websites. These algorithm changes prioritized the creation of quality content as an important SEO technique.

Good website content is niche and relevant. It’s unique, and it gives the target audience a lot of valuable information about a topic of interest.

Longer texts that link to reputable sources of information are essential for the execution of an effective SEO campaign. They present new ideas, or they examine a familiar topic from an alternative angle.

It’s also a good idea to stick to a content posting schedule. Uploading an article or two per month would be insufficient to maintain the good positioning of a website. The strategy should find the balance between quality and frequency of updates.

Social Media Marketing
Building a social media community, sharing content and interacting with the audience can enhance the SEO strategy. The same applies to adding social sharing buttons on your website, enabling the audience to do social media marketing instead of you.

Social channels give you links; they enable your content to go viral, and they help you establish your website’s online reputation. Such a comprehensive approach has an impact on search engine positioning, as well.

Add Tags to Your Content
The content management system (CMS) that you use should give you an opportunity to add meta tags to every page and article. Meta tags give search engines valuable information about the content of the pages.

The meta title, the meta description, and the image alt tag are some of the most important tag fields to fill out when uploading new content. It’s a good idea to add at least one primary keyword to every tag. Keep it short and relevant. Don’t do keyword stuffing or add a description that has nothing to do with the content of the page. Such strategies can contribute to optimization failure.

Use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
Google gives you all the tools that you need to track the effectiveness of your optimization campaigns.

Use Google Analytics to learn more about the website audience. Are these people the ones you were trying to attract? Where does your audience come from? Which pages on the website are the most visited ones? Is your bounce rate high? How much time does each user spend exploring your pages? Google Analytics will answer all of these questions.

Google Webmaster Tools is another important Google service to sign up for. It tells you which keywords your website has ranked well for, how many backlinks you’ve acquired and what are your biggest SEO shortcomings.

SEO is far from challenging, but it requires daily efforts. Work consistently and track the performance of your endeavours. Modify the strategy components that aren’t delivering the desired results. This way, you’ll get to boost the popularity of your website within a relatively short period of time. If you decide that you would rather have a reputable SEO company do all this work for you, it’s simple enough to search online to find on in your area such as which is an expert SEO company based in Sheffield. Each city has its SEO experts so just search online for a company near to you that suits your requirements.

Can The Internet Help A Brick And Mortar Business?

For quite some time now, the face of business has been changing. There was a time when business was simple. You opened up a shop, did a bit of advertising in the local paper and local magazines, and you did business with the people in the area.

Then the internet became big. Everyone who was anyone had internet access. This led to a slew of companies trying to hop on the internet bandwagon. Unfortunately, like so many business adventures, this created an economic bubble. No doubt many people recall the “dot-com bust” back in the early 2000s. For those who don’t, this was when there were so many different internet businesses that there was no longer a sustainable market. The bubble burst, and all the money that had been sunk into financing and building internet businesses disappeared.

Since thing, things have reached a bit of an equilibrium. Places that are going to have a business online have figured out how to do so comfortably while brick and mortar businesses have figured out how to sustain themselves. At least, that’s what it might seem like to some people.

The real truth is that the internet can still be beneficial to brick and mortar businesses, in ways that some people don’t realize.

Utilizing The Internet

Doing business online is not always as difficult as it seems. Quite frankly, if you have a brick and mortar business, and you take credit cards, then you can sell things online. You may need to look into charging appropriate state taxes, but that’s simple compared to all the other business overhead. You’ve already done the hard work. You have stock, you have a sales system, and you have a place to keep your stock stored.

What this means is that you can use online sales to help supplement your brick and mortar store. No doubt you already do fine business at your shop. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do even more business. Online orders are easy to process, as well. You simply take the order, box up the product, and ship it off via UPS. If you have a UPS business account, you can even have people come and pick up the packages from your brick and mortar shop.

This helps expand your customer base. With the internet, you don’t have to rely on people being able to come to your shop. People from across the country, and potentially even across the world, can buy things from you. The fact that you can do this with only a tiny bit of extra work is just the icing on the cake. You can easily double or even triple your current sales, without having to spend much more money at all.

You may not think you need the internet, and that may be true. But the simple fact is that by adding an online segment to your business, you can make a great deal more money than you’re making currently. So if you want to keep that business running, learn to use the internet properly.

Grow Your Business With These Winning Marketing Tips

When you have a business, it is never a good thing to hit a plateau. You should constantly strive to make your business as successful as ever. If you feel like you have hit a standstill and your business desperately needs growth, the following tips can help tremendously.

Give Your Products And Services Away

Now before you head out and bankrupt yourself, read carefully. The idea is to offer free samples of your offerings to people so they can get a taste of what you have to offer. If they like it, they will always come back for more. One example of this would be a coffee shop that hands out free samples at a local farmer’s market. If consumers like the flavor, they will have no problem heading to the store location and making a purchase.

Do Charity

People love it when businesses are willing to extend a hand and help others. Consider this when you are thinking of great marketing strategies. If there are charities you know, many people in your target audience may support, you should try doing your part. These days, doing charity can help you increase your profits tenfold, so consider it.

Host A Contest

Sometimes buzz about your business has died down, and you have to focus on boosting that again. A contest is an excellent way to get new people interested in you and grow your brand. The best kind of competition to have is a referral contest where you offer a prize to the person that brings the largest number of new customers your way. While you will have to offer a somewhat valuable prize to excite people enough to solicit countless referrals, you will have the benefit of many new customers coming your way.

Create A Social Media Account

If you have never done this, you should get on it right away. These days, people look for the businesses they love on social media. If they are not able to find them, they tend to go elsewhere to get their needs met. Once you start an account, you can build relationships with the public by offering them great content and engaging with them. This can go a long way when you are trying to grow your business.

Hire An SEO Company To Help

One reason why you may not be that popular is because search engines have placed you on the 9th page of results. Hiring an SEO company can help you get to the top, which means more views and more profits for you. Keep in mind that SEO can be quite pricey, but it is one of those things that are certainly worth the investment. There are many benefits to SEO, some of which you can employ yourself.

If your business is not doing as well as it could be, it is time for you to take some steps to make it an industry powerhouse. Use one or more of the ideas that you are offered here and you can look forward to your business doing better than ever.


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